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What We Share

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You Love.
we create.  




We bring the best poetry from older times and post it on social media.


You Love

We will be posting poetic quotes almost every day. The quotes you most love, retweet, like, and share will become poetic stuff.


we create

We will create beautiful poetic products for each one of the quotes you have most loved.

How does it work?

We believe poetry is beautiful, but sometimes the use of older language makes it difficult to share or understand. We make it shareable, so you can enjoy them and learn more  poetic stuff in your social media feed.


We dig deep in old books. We search of hidden poetic gems, even works of philosophy and literature.


If the poem is too old: we might rehash, reuse or translate. We share the poem with a short fact about its origin, meaning, or anything relevant to it.


We select what we think is most appealing, but if you have a poem in mind… tell us! We care about you.


After the selection, we design the most shared quotes using beautiful typography and appealing imagery.

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